Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Make America Covfefe Again

Trump is a moron.
Americans managed to elect a functionally illiterate president who knows very little about anything.
Case in point, having returned from his insult tour of Europe, at 12:03 5/31/17 -  barricaded in a room with several bags of McDonalds and self-pity in hand, Trump addresses his 31 million twitter followers with this...

As of this moment it's been posted for over 4 attempt made by the nitwit in chief, or the incompetent lying boneheads he surrounds himself with to remove or change the ominous tweet.

Sean Spicer later will no doubt tell beleaguered reporters "Not only is covfefe a word, it's the greatest word ever uttered."  While the White House spokeswomen will book themselves on cable news outlets claiming "Of course is real word. It was coined during the Bowling Green Massacre!"

While this administration may be a gift from the gods to comedy, it is testing the bounds of any reasonable human being's ability to survive with any semblance of functional cerebral cortex intact.