Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Contending Sex Is Bad Because It Leads To Dancing

"I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church." -Thomas Paine, Patriot, Rationalist.

And of course, dancing is far worse!

The Yellow Brick Road Of The Subnormal
Religion is like the Wizard of Oz.
There's some guy behind the curtains your not supposed to pay any attention to, operating the machinery, duping Tin Men into believing they alone can fix their absence of heart. Religion has nothing to do with creators, sky dudes, dudettes, or morality in any plausible sense. It has everything to do with power. Power to manipulate others. What, after all, is more powerful than claiming a supernatural ascendancy of some kind? It can't be questioned, it has no basis in logic and proudly proclaims so, and has authority above and beyond mere mortals. Once logic is suspended, it is no problem to manipulate followers into drinking Jonestown Punch, killing themselves to get on some imaginary space ship, invading sovereign nations of "heathens" or burning themselves and their children to death to protect a megalomaniac with a private army from indictment.

Freedom Of Speech Does Not Indicate Freedom From Scrutiny
I believe that every person on the planet has a right to believe in any religion, no matter how ridiculous it is, simply because I also believe that every person has a right to free speech...which also means we have the right to talk about ridiculous religions and why they are ridiculous. The "people of faith"are offended by scrutiny, that's too bad. The lack of desire for honest inquiry is far more offensive than any factual information that one might encounter. Because I respect the right to practice ridiculous religion doesn't mean that I have any respect for it, nor should we be expected to pretend it isn't ridiculous. History tends to prove religions are dangerous and destructive cults.

Ridiculous religions are based as much on culture as dogma. The culture is rooted in the belief that you're superior to everyone else. You are chosen, going to a Nirvana of some kind, while the rest of us are going to suffer some horrid torture of one type or another.

Evangelism, Fundamentalism, and World Domination

We are right and everyone else is wrong. Zealots are mandated to expand their cult to everyone in the world. They want ridiculous religions to control governments to enforce their way of life on the masses and have the authority to punish dissent. The idea of personal rights and liberties is contrary to surrendering your life and free will to the Wiz and doing "Wiz work" as dictated by the "Wiz Biz. After all, if you're not serving Wiz, you're serving the Anti Wiz, and you are evil. So the idea of personal liberty and free thinking is the same as giving rights to Satan or some other boogieman.

Abominis Nabisco
Who burned the Great Library at Alexandria, destroying 600,000 volumes of knowledge of the ancient world--the greatest property crime of all time? The mad monks led by Saint Cyril, the patron saint of arsonists!

Who delivered the first trainload of Jews to Auschwitz?
Monsignor Tiso, head of the Slovak State.

Who inspected the naked bodies of women, claiming to be looking for "witches marks" so they could light them on fire, in a sacred celebration during the Middle Ages called auto de Fe (act of faith)? Hint - It wasn't Atheists, deists, or the dreaded rationalists.

There was that dust-up with Luther and the wars that followed wherein Germany lost half its population in a generation. And of course the slave trade...Yes the Church was quite involved in that endeavor.

How about the destruction, plunder, rape and papal pillage of the peoples of the Americas and the eradication of their culture?

The "Donation of Constantine" was a forgery, Adrian IV really didn't own Ireland and therefore had no right to give it to England. And who castrated young boys to sing in choirs? How about the Third World, which is kept in hunger due to the Vatican's ideas on birth control?

Now, in no particular order...

Great Moments In Papistry

  • It was said that Pope John XII (955-64) invented sins that had not been known since the beginning of the world and whole monasteries spent days and nights praying for his death. He turned his home, the Lateran Palace, into a brothel. He used the papal treasury to pay off his gambling debts. He died on May 14th 964 aged twenty-four, after he was caught in bed by the husband of one of his mistresses in 'the very act of adultery'.
  • Pope Innocent VIII (1484-92) sired eight illegitimate sons and probably as many daughters, of whom he openly acknowledged. His reign as Pope was known as 'The Golden Age of Bastards'. He authorized an inquisition against those thought to be witches. On his death bed a wet nurse was found for his final craving - woman's milk.
  • Pope John XXII (1316-34) excommunicated fellow clergymen for not paying their taxes.
  • In 1932, Pope Pius XI (1922-39) as well as condemning contraception, ordered German Catholics to drop their hostility towards Hitler. He also backed Mussolini's invasion of Abyssinia.
  • Pope Celastine II (1143-44) had a certain Count Jordan condemned to a horrible death, he was strapped naked to a scalding iron chair while a red-hot crown was nailed to his head.
  • Pope Innocent III (1198-1216) instituted the approved method of interrogation of suspected sodomites. In order to make them confess, suspects were lowered naked onto a red-hot spike. This method was kept until the year 1816.
  • Robert of Geneva was well known for his ability to decapitate a man with a pike. He became Pope Clement VII (1378-94) and was 'much given to fleshy pleasure'. He surrounded himself with page boys, whose jackets, it was noted, shrunk from being knee length, to mid-buttock for his pleasure and easier access.
  • Pope Benedict XIII (1394-1417) gave a dispensation to the twenty-nine-year-old Richard II of England to marry Isabella, the seven-year-old daughter of the King of France.
  • The child-pope Benedict IX (who became Pope at the age of 12!) was bi-sexual, sodomised animals, ordered murders and dabbled in witchcraft and Satanism. He loved to throw wild, bi-sexual orgies. Benedict IX held the post of Pope in the years 1032-44, 1045 and 1047-48. He was described as "A demon from hell in the disguise of a priest...", and St Peter Damian said of him: "That wretch, from the beginning of his pontificate to the end of his life, feasted on immorality". Dante estimated that under Benedict IX the papacy reached an all-time low in immorality and debauchery. When he was 23, he survived an assassination attempt (strangling at the altar during Mass). Benedict went on to marry his cousin and sell the papacy to his godfather, Gregory VI.
  • Pope Boniface VII (974; 984-85) was described as: "a horrid monster" and "a man who in criminality surpassed all the rest of mankind".
  • In the year 440 Pope Sixtus III (432-40) was tried for the raping of a nun.
  • Pope Leo I (440-61) was a warped and sadistic torturer. He made his victims confess that they mixed semen with the sacrament and used young girls at the altar for the purpose. He was the first Pope to claim the right to put anyone who disagreed with him to death.
  • Pope Pius VII (1800-23) comdemned bible societies as "a most abominable invention that destroyed the very foundation of religion".
  • It was widely rumored that the ex-pirate Pope John XXIII (1410-15) was an Atheist. He tortured his own cardinals and was said to have "had wicked company with two of his own sisters". Robert Hallum, Bishop of Salisbury said that he: "ought to be burnt at the stake".
  • The homosexual Pope Paul II (1464-71) liked to see naked men being racked and tortured. He died of a heart attack whilst being sodomized by one of his favorite boys.
  • Pope John XIII (965-72) { yes, I know there was more than one John XIII } was condemned as an adulterer who "defiled his father's concubine and his own niece". He was said to have died at the hands of an enraged husband, caught in the act of adultery - just like his dad, Pope John XII.
  • Pope Sergius III (904-11) enjoyed sex with underaged girls. According to the historian Baronius, Sergius III was "the slave of every vice". When he was 45, Sergius took a 15- year-old mistress - the affair produced a son who went on to become Pope John XI.
  • Pope Stephen VI (896-97) had the body of his predecessor, Pope Formosus (891-96) dug up, dressed in papal vestments, set on a throne and tried for perjury and coveting the papacy.
  • Pope Benedict XII (1334-42) was such a hardened drinker that the expression "drunk as a pope" became popular in his lifetime.
  • Pope Anacletus (1130-8) committed incest with his sister and several other female relatives. He enjoyed raping nuns.
  • Pope Clement VI (1342-52) was described by Petrarch as "an ecclesiastical Dionysus with his obscene and infamous artifaces". Clement VI slept with prostitutes and had dozens of mistresses. When he died, fifty priests said Mass for the repose of his soul for nine consecutive days, but it was generally agreed that this was not going to be nearly enough to prevent the dead pope from going directly to hell.
  • Pope Pius II (1458-64) had been a well known author of pornography, and had fathered about 12 illegitimate children.
  • The Sistine Chapel was built by Pope Sixtus IV (1471-84). He had six illegitimate sons, of which one was the result of an incestuous relationship with his sister.
  • Pope Julius II (1503-13) who commissioned Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the the Sistine Chapel, was a pedophile and spent much of his time with small boys and male prostitutes.
  • In the year 1095 Pope Urban II introduced the callagium, a sex tax which alllowed the clergy to keep mistresses, provided they paid an annual fee to the papacy. This had the immediate effect of reducing the use of concubines and hugely increasing clerical homosexuality. Which has resonance well into modern times.
  • Pope Paul III (1534-49) enjoyed an incestuous relationship with his daughter. To gain control of his family inheritance, he poisoned several relatives, including his mother and niece. He killed two cardinals and a Polish bishop to settle an argument over a theological point. Paul III was probably Rome's biggest ever pimp - he kept a roll of about 45,000 prostitutes, who paid him a monthly tribute.
  • Pope Julius III (1550-55) sodomized young boys, of which one was his own, illegitimate son. He appointed several handsome teenage boys as cardinals. Cardinal della Casa's famous poem In Praise of Sodomy was dedicated to Pope Julius III.

Yes, Catholicism takes the brunt of critique here, it's like shooting fish in a barrel....Piranhas.
But all so called Christian religions share this history to some point. Those that invented their own versions of the already corrupted Paulists and murderer of his own wife and son (boiled his wife to death...) Constantine have no more legitimacy. The protestant witch burnings both in Europe and here in the New World killed far more people than any demented leader of inquisitions could have dreamed of.

The big three are by far the worst because they wield influence over the largest amount of people. Put faith in yourself friends, as anytime you delegate it to someone else, the wine your poured will be sour at best. Power. Power corrupts...infinite power corrupts completely.
If your willing to believe things are so without any shred of evidence, because some guy wearing a purple dress, wearing a pointy hat, or turning his collar around, said so; you are shirking your responsibility to the rest of humanity who direly needs the rational to survive. Not the ridiculous.

If invisible friends are talking to you or your "leader"...please see a mental health professional immediately before the inevitable malfeasance occurs. The future of humanity lies not in the childish beliefs in the Wizard of Oz's emissaries. Now that's a horse of a different color!