Sunday, March 20, 2016

Trump's Movement: Make Fascism Great Again?

     Lo, behold the mighty army crossing the vast wasteland of the American Nightmare, armed and ready to do Der Trump's bidding. Yea, in their Right hand they wield a great sword inscribed with the word "Ignorance".  In their left hand they grasp desperately at weapons of bigotry and rage carefully forged in the foundry fires of  Fox News and Hate Radio. We beheld how the multinational corporate headed beast machine gunned facts, science, and revised history with propaganda!  Verily the bizarre  coalition of the powerful, wealthy, privileged, bigots, war mongers, corporatists, theocrats, hagiarchs,  robber barons, ignoramuses, poltroons & other dunces had been ever so carefully and cunningly assembled and glued together by the wealthiest artisans the Beltway could offer. Yea, we saw how the beast  trained them to deflect any payload of reality or reason  regardless of how sturdily constructed.  The beast mightily smashed down any criticism or appeals to reason. It slayed the general dumbfounded numbness of the utter bullshit they believed, just as they had been taught to do by endless parades of mind numbing right wing propaganda.  Then along comes Mr. Trump, and he simply co-opts the entire structure the Kochs, Rupert Murdoch, and many others; who thought they could act as puppeteers controlling the ignorant mobs they created and exploited.  
     Trump rose from the slimy filth of the fertile breeding ground the Republican party has spent the last half century composting with fear, force feeding on hate, and priming with money.  Even as the lavishly paid con men that the ruling class employs to spin their fairy tales of  trickle down unicorns, Burke and Lazy Fairy markets; the pilfered army Trump took from them only grows and strengthens.
       Perhaps we should all thank Mr. Trump for tearing away the curtains and stage props that the powerful have used to hide behind when accused of dumbing down the discourse, of altering history to their liking, of  blatant lies and propaganda,  of fear mongering,  or fanning flames of  hatred and bigotry.  They managed to design some scenario and argument that at least in their own minds created a plausible deniability.
Trump isn't saying anything the former leaders of this fascist movement weren't also saying to incite them and earn their loyalty, he's just saying it louder and clearer with no possible plausible deniability. No dog whistles.
It's merely the fact that the other elite power brokers on the right who have been acting as puppeteers do not control Trump that is fracturing the GOP. He's taken half the coalition they created from them.
And he's turned them against their former masters. (As well as most everyone else).
Trump reveals himself as a fascist thug....something the former puppet masters denied.
But it's the same bullshit, it's just on a different channel.

Take a breath, notice the odor of the talking heads saturated with the stink of fear and schadenfreude.  Isn't it odd to people like David Brooks begging for someone to come along and save his sorry ass from the beast he has been feeding for the last 20 years.
"Donald Trump is an affront to basic standards of honesty, virtue and citizenship. He pollutes the atmosphere in which our children are raised. He has already shredded the unspoken rules of political civility that make conversation possible. In his savage regime, public life is just a dog-eat-dog war of all against all."
  This beast he promised time and time again to the small cartel of wealthy men who underwrite his buffoonery and protect him was thoroughly saddle-broken and ready to be ridden right into the Oval Office. A beast that has now kicked the barn door off its hinges and is currently stomping their carefully laid plans for oligarchy to bits. For so many years Brooks and the whole conservative craposphere have insisted THEIR Republican party was not really just a festering cesspit of paranoia and bigotry and fury now reveal that the left has in fact been correct all along...they were and they are. The entire Whig Fan Fiction Factory is exposed for the horseshit it is, and always was.

Brooks and his fellow sycophants throughout corporate media and the conservative echo chamber are apologizing to their employers across the nation for "failing to report accurately". This is obviously a poor attempt at humor because these people don't "report accurately", and never attempted to. They are paid liars and shills. Not journalists investigating issues.  Their lies are not as violent as Trump's perhaps, but they are all basically in the same racket.  Brooks occupation is trafficking in fairy tales about "the real America" that comfort and flatter the thousands of Beltway insiders and  plutocrat rubes, while Trump is paving a path to the White House by telling millions of low-information rubes the flattering, reassuring lies that they want to hear. It is the same scam. Just different chumps, except Trump's chumps are ecstatic, rage-drunk and armed with mighty weapons which you helped to forge, while your chumps are pissing their pants and terrified because their Plutocratic vision of America is being overrun by hordes of rage-drunk, invincibly-armored Mongols and Visigoths you've been telling them did not exist.

The point is not that Brooks or the plutocrats he and all the other right wing fairy tale spinners cosset are wrong. It's that they are ALWAYS wrong. They have gotten nothing right for many decades.
It's easily documented simply by reading older pieces, they get it wrong week after week, year after year, decade after decade. Do not check back more than a week on what conservative rhetoric is is forbidden. No one wants you to see just how absolutely wrong they are and have always been... about everything.


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